It’s time to invest in IOTA

Many people are getting their small investments in IOTA currently as IOTA provides unseen scalability among other cryptos. IOTA can easily be broken down in smaller parts as the current market piece is 1 MIOTA meaning 1 000 000 (1 million IOTA). Many people in eBay are already trading thousands of IOTA instead of the millions on the exchanges.

With the current overall crypto. The current IOTA prices are great for making investments right now. Imagine what can happen when the Internet of things stars using IOTA on a large scale for providing day to day micro transaction services.

There are several way to buy IOTA,

I.  In case you want to get large amount of MIOTA do the following:

  1. Register on eToro exchange as it provides the quickest way to get Bitcoin or Ethereum for USD (no need to be verified for 3-4 weeks while the prices may change). Note: you need to invest a minimum of 500 USD.
  2. Buy some Bitcoin or Ethereum and withdraw to your personal wallet
  3. Register yourself on Binance by using this link and a great fee rate :
  4. After that you need to get the crypto from point 2 to Binance
  5. Buy IOTA with those Bitcoins
  6. Now there are TWO options :
    • 6.1 Sell when IOTA when the price against BTC is high and, and after that buy when it is low (do it several times to increase your IOTA )
    • 6.2. Withdraw the IOTA to your personal wallet
    • 6.3. Do step 6.1 several times and then withdraw (step 6.2)

II.  In case you simple want to get small amount of IOTA with PayPal or Credit card or Debit card and store it easily for the future:

Simply do the following:

  1. Setup IOTA wallet like it is explain here:
  2. Buy some IOTA with PayPal or credit card .
  3. Receive the IOTA in your Wallet
  4. Store it for the future