How To Withdraw IOTa from your BINANCE Wallet

The way to Withdraw #IOTA from Binance is like with any other crypto.

You simply go to top right and select FUNDS -> Withdrawals

Then from the drop down menu on the left side select IOTA or the currency that you would like to withdraw.

Put the amount of IOTA keeping in mind that the minimum is 10 MIOTA and there is a withdrawal fee of 0.5MIOTA.

After that add the RECEIVE address of your Wallet that is regenerated from your personal Wallet and attached to the tangle in the field “IOTA Withdrawal Address

NOTE: DO NOT SEND to your SEED ! Send only to a RECEIVE address that has never been used before.

NOTE2: In case you are not 100% sure of the process, simply do a test with 10 MIOTA first and then transfer the rest of your amount.


Please also note that Binance, may change the process anytime! It is up to everyone’s responsibility to use the correct withdrawal process and keep their IOTA safe.