How to speed up a pending transaction

Sometimes IOTA transactions can stay pending for sometime. Sometimes it can get to several days.

Below are some steps that you can use to try to speed up a pending transaction OR get connected to a better node.

There is a suggested way to speedup the transfer.

Please try the below options in order not to have Pending transactions for days:

  1. Checkout this webpage: it shows the current load on IOTA servers
  2. Click on the address that has the lowest ‘ping’ and it will be copied
  3. Start your IOTA Wallet
  4. Open the Tools -> Edit Node Configuration
  5. Open the Host and select the address that you selected at step 2
  6. In case the address does not exist, go to the bottom of the list: CUSTOM
  7. Add “http://” and paste the address copied in step 2
  8. Save the settings
  9. Now on each 30 minutes until the transaction is Confirmed do the following :
  10. Open the History tab of the IOTA Wallet
  11. Click on the ‘show bundle’ of the pending transaction
  12. Once it opens select ‘Reattach’ . Do not use ‘rebroadcast’ as it will only rebroadcast the last transaction attached.
  13. Once confirmed go to ‘Receive’ tab
  14. Select to attach a new address to the tangle
  15. In 30-40 minutes if the transaction is still pending go back to step 10 OR Step 1.



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