How to download and setup your IOTA Wallet in order to buy and sell IOTA with PayPal and\or Credit Card

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In this section I will explain how to easily download and setup your IOTA Wallet and get ready to send or receive IOTAs. Same steps should be used if you buy your IOTA with PayPal or Credit card. There is no difference if you are buying with Credit Card, PayPal , Etherium or Bitcoin. The way to get your IOTA is the same.

Here are the basic steps that you will need to follow:

  1. Go to the GitHub page of the Development team
  2. Download the latest version matching your computer Operating System
  3. Install the IOTA Wallet
  4. Run the IOTA Wallet as Light Node (initially this is what you need, later  I will explain the difference between Light and Full note)
  5. Generate a SEED – There are many options here. – DO NOT USE online generators. Use the way explained here (How to generate IOTA seed securely)  or setup one by yourself.
  6. Once you have the seed, login to the Wallet
  7. in order to RECEIVE: Go To RECEIVE and click ‘ATTACH TO TANGLE’
  8. Click on the address generated and it will be copied – When you get the confirmation that it is successfully attached
  9. Send the RECEIVE address to the person selling you the IOTA . DO NOT SEND the SEED to anyone!!!
  10. In order to SEND: Go to Send, add the address that you want to transfer to , add the sum and optional tag.
  11. Click Send and wait to get the confirmation
  12. Optional:  In case the transaction in the History tab is Pending, simply click on ‘Show Bundle’ and then ‘Reatach’. Note: ‘Rebroadcast’ simply notifies again about the last attach made, so in case of pending transaction I suggest to use the ‘Rebrodcast’ option only.


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