How to buy IOTA. How to invest in IOTA.

There are several ways to invest in IOTA.

The below steps explain how to buy IOTA with US dollars, Euro or other currencies. The other options is to buy IOTA with Paypal, Credit or Debit card.

In case you are looking to constantly buy and sell IOTA, the way is to invest a larger amount of money initially:

  • First register on an exchange that accepts Credit Card payments. BitPanda is the exchange that we suggest, as it provides the quickies way to get verified via Webcam. Note that you won’t need to wait the 3-4 weeks process that others need.
  • Buy some Bitcoins, Ethereum . After that simply withdraw to your Wallet.
  • Register and get verified to one of the two exchanges that trade IOTA – Bitfinex does not allow people from US to trade. Binance however does. (if you use this register link and you will get a discount on the initial trades)
  • Transfer the crypto to the exchange
  • Buy IOTA
  • Transfer back to your Wallet

Here is a comprehensive explanation  how it can be done and the fees associated with it.
 In case you are looking to invest small amounts of money to buy IOTA, and to keep it for the future:

If you want to quickly and easily invest in IOTA without wasting time and resources until it proves itself, you have several options:

  • You can search to buy IOTA with cash from a friend
  • You can ask in the IOTA forums for someone to sell you IOTA and arrange the money transfer
  • You can use ebay and buy small amounts of IOTA with PayPal and keep it in your personal Wallet

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