Grocery store stats and improvements

Imagine your local store getting permissions from you, to use the fridge at your home for which you get a discount when shopping or get free stuff.

In case you have a fridge with a several simple barcode scanners inside, it will be pretty easy to track what you buy , how often you buy it and when it will expire.

Basically the exact buying behaviors of the people using your fridge can be sold to the industry.

Benefits from this could be measured quite easily and will show great improvement in the way stores are stocked.


  • Waste based on product’s expiry date will be reduced drastically as what is stored will be expected to be sold.
  • Losses because of unsold items and clearances will also be decreased
  • Companies producing the goods will know what will needed and most important when it will be needed
  • Less storage space will be used as companies will know what and when to stock up
  • Marketing costs will significantly drop as analytics software will directly provide data analysis
  • and many more that we can ‘t currently imagine.

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author:  Angelo , LSS black belt quality consultant