The most innovative New Years Eve present!

Get greatest New Years Eve present! Be the one with the best New Years Eve idea ever!

Giveaway IOTA to your loved ones.

What to do:

  1. Generate a new SEED address here: 
  2. Print(option available at the bottom of the webpage) the page so the Seed address is saved.
  3. Login to the IOTA wallet (as explained here) with the seed above, generate a new RECEIVE address and ATTACH it to the TANGLE.
  4. Order some IOTA from our shop by using Paypal and provide the Receive address of the IOTA wallet
  5. Confirm that you received the IOTA to the address provided via 
  6. Put the printed page as part of the New Year’s Eve greeting card
  7. On the New Year’s eve, surprise the ones you care for !

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