Why crypto prices are going down ?

IOTA price dropped to 1.45 USD for couple of minutes then got back and stabilized around 3.50 USD for couple of hours. At the same time Bitcoin also went down to lower 12000s USD.

All other cryptos are also descending:

Is it that investors are cleaning up to secure their positions in real currencies during the Christmas holidays? Or is a massive stock exchange manipulations? Is the cause the high transaction rates reaching to 40 USD per transaction? Nobody knows. Only speculations exist.

The rumors from last week around Bitcoin being a large bubble probably made investors to stop putting their money on Bitcoin as it reached  up to 20 000 USD.

Many predictions from the last days also expect the price of Bitcoin to jump to 25 000 USD in the first week of 2017.

IS the Bitcoin price the reason for drawing the IOTA price and all other cryptos down?


Top 7 possible reasons for drawing BTC price down:

  1. System slow down due to high number of users?
  2. High transfer fees?
  3. Rumors for possible ban on cryptos in some countries?
  4. Hacker attack?
  5. Virus attack ?
  6. Slow transaction times?
  7. Price bubble?

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